Golf Programs

Val Halla has become a hot-bed for learning, playing and teaching golf in Maine.  We see our role and responsibility as professionals as Val Halla to provide opportunities for all ages between 5 and 95.  Some programs have been hugely successful while others have failed…but the real key is that we tried, learned from our mistakes and created a great culture for all those who love the game of golf!

Our overarching philosophy is this…golf is a recreation sport played on some of the nicest manicured property on earth.  Golf, while difficult and frustrating at times, is meant to be fun, relaxing and a nice way to spend quiet time with your friends and family.  Golf is not meant to be perfected…no matter how hard we try…but in the end there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than hitting a great golf shot and watching that effort turn into a smile.

Between the golf professionals, greens superintendent, staff across the entire facility, the Val Halla Golf Association and the Town of Cumberland, please look at what we have to offer.  I think it’s amazing the quality of the products we offer!  Thank you.



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