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.Maine’s Only Curve PGA Tour Simulator!      


We are proud to be the home of Maine’s state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators by aboutGolf.  These simulators use “launch monitor” type technology to measure your golf shots at the point of impact with the golf ball and the club face.  As a result, they are the most accurate simulators on the market today.  So accurate, they are the same simulators Michael Breed uses on the Golf Channel.


Play or practice your game this winter…get ready for a trip south or hit the ground running this spring!  The DRIVING RANGE feature on these simulators is AWESOME.  The wedge range targets (40-100 yards) is something everyone should spend time doing!


38 courses to choose from!  

Wow! Known as the “Curve” from aboutGolf PGA Tour



Rates are based on amount of time used/reserved (30, 60, 120 minutes), days of the week and type of sim you want to play golf (wide screen versus panoramic/curve).  So a round on Tuesday is around $28 per hour and a round on Saturday is around $35 per hour to play on a wide screen and $35 and $45, respectively to play on a panoramic/curve.  All tee times will be made online tee times (see below)!  The guide for playing golf on a sim is that one person can play 18-holes in one hour.  Four people can play 18-holes in four hours.


Play Rates…* Length of Time Mon – Thurs Fri – Sun
   Widescreen 1 Hour $30 $35
  1/2 Hour $18 $21
   Curve/Panoramic 1 Hour $35 $45
  1/2 Hour $21 $27