Val Halla Golf Association

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Val Halla Golf Association

Approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(7) organization








Scott Babbidge, President

Mark Franco, 1st Vice President

Tony Polito, 2nd Vice President

Karen Moody, Secretary

John Hadwen, Treasurer

 DRAFT Bylaws of Val Halla Golf Association 050618

The Val Halla Golf Association is an association formed to provide the following activities for it’s members:

  1. Maintain a USGA GHIN handicap for each of its members so that they are able to compete on a level playing field at home and away.
  2. Run a weekly golf league for its members to enable each member to improve their skills and sense of fair play in a healthy, competitive environment.
  3. Educate members on the Rules of Golf.
  4. Organize Committees that benefit and educate all members of Val Halla.
  5. The Val Halla Golf Association also awards scholarships to qualified applicants based upon certain criteria.  Please see Scholarship Committee link above.
  6. Organize and run weekly tournaments.

How to join? Simply fill out an Association application any time (2017 VHGA Membership App) and submit to the Pro Shop with the appropriate fees. You can print an application off this site or pick one up at the Pro Shop. Your GHIN membership will then be activated and you can begin to enter each score into one of two computers in the grill room, or you can do it on line at Your handicap will be re computed and adjusted every two weeks. It is “your” responsibility to enter each and every score after you play, including 9 hole rounds, this is important to maintain the integrity of the system and ensure everyone plays on the same field in tournaments. Please see Handicap Committee link above for a discussion on handicaps. Once you’re a member, you are able to sign up and play in weekly tournaments. See sign up sheets in the Lounge. Also please see Tournament and Rules Committee link above for a discussion on tournaments.

Costs and benefits of joining the Association? $35 for members of Val Halla. It’s an additional $25 to play in the weekly twilight leagues. The benefits are numerous. It provides an updated handicap every two weeks, allows you to play in all tournaments and it’s a great way to meet other members. Val Halla has one of the most active and social associations in the state. If you need help entering scores in the GHIN system, or have questions related to tournaments, simply ask. The golf Pro and all other members are more than willing to help with any questions you may have.

 When are the meetings? Usually twice a year, after the first and last tournaments of the year. There is also a year end awards banquet for league and other awards.


VHGA Committee Assignments:  2018 Val Halla Golf Association