3-Men’s & Ladies Twilight Leagues

Both leagues require that you be a member of Val Halla Golf Course as well as the Val Halla Golf Association ($35 which includes GHIN) and join the league ($25).

Twilight League memberships ($299) are members who only play in the league.  The membership fee of $325 is inclusive of the Association and league dues ($60).

  • Men’s League – Beginning in May and ending in late August/early September, this is a 9-hole quota points league (change from match play in 2017).
  • Ladies League – Beginning in May and ending in mid-August, this is a 9-hole Stableford points league (net points).  You may make your own group to play in this league.


Men’s Twilight League Update 2017

Based on survey feedback, the League is switching formats…Match Play is out; Quota Points is in!

  • When: Tuesday’s beginning May 23, 2017; First come from 4-6:00 PM
    • Flights 1-3 – Front 9 (alternating each week)
    • Flights 4-6 – Back 9 (alternating each week)
  • Format: Individual Quota Points (by Flight) – See format explanation below.
  • Tees: You may play white tees or maroon tees. Selection is made for the season on first night and remains the tee for the entire league season.
  • Handicaps: As adjusted on the 1st and 15th each month. Maximum handicap is 32. White handicaps prevail and a maroon handicap is calculated as a white handicap less three strokes.
  • Calculation of Quota: Subtract your 18-hole handicap from 36. That is the number of quota points needs to ‘meet your quota.’ Gross points are awarded as follows:
    • Eagle – 8 points
    • Birdie – 4 points
    • Par – 2 points
    • Bogey – 1 point
    • Double Bogey and higher – 0 points (pick up and save time and improve pace of play)
    • Your score will be the net result of your points (+3, -1 or even, for example).
  • Pro Shop Action: Pro Shop action will be optional $5 and will mirror the league format of quota points only (no gross) therefore no need to hole out if greater than bogey. Also closest to the pins will be awarded each night. This will be flighted but may not be the same flights as league.
  • Requirements:
    • Scorecards must include first and last name on the card – cards must be signed by participant and competitor (sounds basic but often missed). It must be turned into the Pro Shop for verification and double-check.
    • All scores will be entered into TPP on a hole-by-hole basis.
  • Make-ups and misses:
    • A league member cannot be more than two weeks behind in scoring. If someone is three weeks behind or more, a penalty score of -5 will be assessed for each week more than 2.
    • Val Halla blocks both sides of the course for league play. If you do not make it on Tuesday night, it is not the responsibility of the course to ‘squeeze’ you off the back because you need to play the back 9 for league. You may need to schedule a time when Val Halla is less-busy to make-up a missed Tuesday night.

2017 Men’s league scoring sheet FOR SCORING SHEETS FOR MEN’S LEAGUE